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Law Quiz 10-02-2022

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From the kick-off by Red, Blue attempts to catch the ball on the full while standing on the touch line. Blue knocks on.

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Blue takes a free kick and punt kicks the ball directly. The ball is caught by Red on the full in the Red in-goal.

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Red punt kicks the ball directly from a free-kick. The ball is caught on the full by a Blue player standing in the Blue in-goal who then stands on the dead-ball line.

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From a penalty kick the ball in flight crosses the touch line at the 20 metre line and is then blown back and lands on the corner post on the full. The Referee awards a free kick 10 metres in from touch at the 20 metre line.
Is this the correct decision?

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A penalty is awarded to the Blue team and the team captain advises the Referee that a kick for goal will be taken. The ball is placed for the goal attempt and then the kicker deliberately grubber kicks it off the kicking tee, regathers it and runs in to the Red in-goal and claims a try.

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